Writing a novel, in a month


I have taken up the challenge, and embarked on the annual writing pilgrimage known as Nanowrimo. What that means is that I will attempt, along with thousands of others around the world, to write a 50,000 word novel in a month’s time, that month being November. This will of course be more of a first draft but it paves the way forward to an eventual completed novel.

For me this is a great opportunity to get one of the many stories that I have been wanting to write, with only its initial idea down, to a stage where I can actually have the complete story formed, with only editing and perfectionism in the way of having a published novel.

To date I have the working title of “A World At End”, with a possible change in mind, and a starting framework and back story to drive the narrative to a conclusion. What that conclusion is I have, as of yet, no idea. I think that that is the wonder and the mystery of being an author, that you don’t always know how the story that you are writing will end, and therein too lies the glory of it.

So here is to my attempt at this mighty writing summit and may you too profit from my, hopeful and timely, success.

– S.Tarr


Thinking about my Thoughts


If you know me personally then you would probably know that I am incredibly good looking…no wait, it’s not that one. Let’s try that again.

If you know me personally then you would probably know that I am exceptionally funny…no wait, not that one either. Ah here we go.

If you know me personally then you would probably know that I am a bit of an internal person, more commonly known as an introvert.

And even though I am a recovering introvert, and much more outgoing than when I was younger, even to the point of challenging myself by putting myself into awkward social situations, I am still very much internal and do not always verbally share my thoughts, philosophies and general ponderings.

Writing down my thoughts, which I have been doing for the last few years, has therefore been a great outlet for me and by doing it creatively, not only can I enjoy the act of creating but, I can share it with others who may also appreciate its creative style, form and artistic nuance.

My first series of books is called Thoughts Discovered, which I am currently working on, and publishing one by one, is just that, my experiences and observations written down in a poetic way. It is in itself a very personal part of me that I am sharing with the world and in a sense I am opening myself up for all too see. In doing this my hope is to share a common bond with others and to encourage and to inspire them to look past the mundane and to live daring lives. Unfortunately through this I am also making myself vulnerable to be critiqued and, even worse, to be hated by others who do not resonate with my writing and my ideals. That is the way it is, although I hope it be not so, I will face the challenges as they come.

So if you wish to discover and share in the thoughts found in this really funny and very good-looking head of mine then why not start at the beginning by downloading the first volume of the Thoughts Discovered series, called Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests. It has just been released in ebook format and is free for you to download. It is somewhere around these parts, so go find it if you dare.

– S.Tarr

I write, very short, stories


Perhaps you have been wondering what my series of books, collectively called Thoughts Discovered, is all about. If so then it can described as “very short stories”, written in a poetic way and from a romantic and philosophical viewpoint.

I can therefore either call myself a poet, or a very short story writer. I also write longer stories but have not, recently at least, been focusing my attention and efforts on that. I do, however, intend to do just that once Thoughts Discovered has left my head in its entirety and taken on a life of its own.

With that said, feel free to read the first volume of my Thoughts Discovered series. This one is called “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” and is all lovey-and-nobley-and-adventury-questy-like but it is quite serious so no laughing except maybe for the heartburn poem, that’s a good one.

The link to the ebook is somewhere on my website, go look for it if you wish to read it.


– S.Tarr

p.s. More to follow on my thoughts on Thoughts Discovered, eh my thoughts on my thoughts that I have discovered.

Free ebook version of “Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” now available


Thoughts Discovered - Volume 1 - eBook - CoverHear ye , hear ye!

After much tinkering and tweaking, thinking and typing, jumping and jiving, I finally present to you the ebook version of “Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests”.

I have learned a lot through this process of self-publishing a book, this being my first one, and I hope the fruits of my labour of love will be of some, or much, worth to you.

The print edition is still in its final checking phase and should be available near the end of this month. I have put a lot of effort into the print version and I am excited to have the words “become real” in a sense, with it having an actual presence in the physical world. I think it will be a good addition to your bookshelf or your coffee table so be sure to check back here again or follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates. (Details found at the end of this post)

So here it is, and it’s free.

Download the ebook here -> Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests

– S.Tarr

p.s. Please share this link with your friends if you deem it share-worthy.


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You Are Here and Here Be Dragons


Howdy traveller, welcome to the Frontier. This is the first post on my new website and I hope to get things settled soon with updates on the progress of my writing projects.

I will be releasing my debut book of poems within the month, which is the first volume in a five volume series of books called “Thoughts Discovered”. This volume is called “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” and stands alone by itself but also forms a greater story along with the other books. The five volumes were initially compiled to be released as one book but due to its large size and the laborious process of revision and editing I opted rather to release them in smaller, more easily digestible, volumes. This way I can perhaps get others interested in my work by offering something small yet with a bigger goal in mind. The book will sell for around $8, with the ebook version being available for free.

So with that said, I will, hopefully, publish “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” by the end of October 2013.

I hope you will join me in this adventure.

Here’s to fair winds and good times ahead.

– S.Tarr