I write, very short, stories


Perhaps you have been wondering what my series of books, collectively called Thoughts Discovered, is all about. If so then it can described as “very short stories”, written in a poetic way and from a romantic and philosophical viewpoint.

I can therefore either call myself a poet, or a very short story writer. I also write longer stories but have not, recently at least, been focusing my attention and efforts on that. I do, however, intend to do just that once Thoughts Discovered has left my head in its entirety and taken on a life of its own.

With that said, feel free to read the first volume of my Thoughts Discovered series. This one is called “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” and is all lovey-and-nobley-and-adventury-questy-like but it is quite serious so no laughing except maybe for the heartburn poem, that’s a good one.

The link to the ebook is somewhere on my website, go look for it if you wish to read it.


– S.Tarr

p.s. More to follow on my thoughts on Thoughts Discovered, eh my thoughts on my thoughts that I have discovered.


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