A 30-day Poetry Challenge


Mademoiselle Nomad

The idea came to me about a month ago. I love poems and have been doodling ever since I was 5. The first poem that rhymed was written for my mother. After I grew up and our relationship was mostly like Tom and Jerry episodes, I don’t think I ever wrote her another poem! (Mom, this is a test to see if you’re seriously reading my blog!). 


In my teens most of my poems revolved around slavery – something that has sculpted the history of Mauritius, my home country. Many others were filled with dark, bloody thoughts. Death, suicide, heart-break were themes that repeated themselves through my poems. Towards the ending though, there was always a sentiment of hope. New dawn. New beginning. Power of re-birth and transformation. 

And since I started traveling and being a nomad, with no fixed home, and lost most of my belongings and childhood memories (that’s…

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2 thoughts on “A 30-day Poetry Challenge

    • Mother oh mother, you are
      my number one follower.

      Mother oh mother, you like my words
      even when no one else would bother.

      Mother oh mother, now here is a poem for you,
      and no other, to thank you, for all, my dear lovely mother.

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