The Story so far…


The editing of the final volume of Thoughts Discovered, Greater Things, is coming on very slowly, almost like a snail on safari, in the desert, at night, who is crawling backwards. I am currently feeling very drained and distracted, mainly due to work being extremely demanding and taxing at the moment, and Nanowrimo hasn’t even started yet!

As with the other volumes of Thoughts Discovered I want to publish the best work I can and not just do it for the sake of publishing it.

So what that means is if I don’t make my goal of publishing it by the end of 2014, then that would be ok.

What’s the rush anyway?

Well besides the burning desire I’ve had, for the last few years, to get Thoughts Discovered out into the world and to share my thoughts and words with others, there is no other reason to rush it.

I can wait, I must wait and be patient. To let beauty reveal itself in its right time, to let it find its true purpose and place.


One thought on “The Story so far…

  1. After posting this, this morning, I worked through the day and was still feeling quite drained when I left work. I prayed all day, for strength and guidance, and decided to go to the gym after work, even though I was still not feeling too well, I also had a persistent headache. That session did me wonders, and even ended up with me doing a mini Capoeira session where I practiced some acrobatic moves that I haven’t done in a while. I came home, made a nice dinner of chicken breast, butternut, cauliflower and broccoli, and now made some progress again with the editing of Greater Things. I still don’t know if I will reach my goal of publishing it by the end of the year but I sure feel better about it. Let’s see what tomorrow holds, shall we?

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