The Virtual Currency Revolution and how to get free Bitcoins (and what that actually means)


Monday, 02 January 2017.

For the past two months, I have been diligently clicking my time away, trying to get my hands on Bitcoins, with the hope, and promise, of getting Bitcoins for free.

Please note: Now there should be an immediate caution here, that even though you get “free Bitcoins”, you actually only get the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin for free for your efforts of clicking and view websites. You also have to first gather a minimum amount, which differs from each website, before you can withdraw them to your Bitcoin wallet.

You might have heard of this mysterious internet phenomenon called Bitcoins, and its various cryptocurrency counterparts, and have seen how it has gained a very strong value against the dollar over the last few years (at the time of writing is was $1005 for 1 Bitcoin). The appeal in Bitcoins that is not regulated by any central government or authority, and can be owned and traded anonymously. The only time that you would need to pay taxes on your Bitcoins is when you exchange it for you local currency into your bank account and then it is up to you to declare any profit made through your investment. The value of Bitcoins, however, remain volatile and can go up or down quite quickly but I have no actual idea how its value is determined.

Now, this might sound like a dream offer, getting free Bitcoins for viewing websites for a short amount of time or visiting an advert invested website that allows you to claim new Bitcoins after a set amount of time, which are called faucet sites, and the fact is that you do get paid in Bitcoins, but you get paid fraction of a Bitcoin, called Satoshis.

A Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin that can currently be sent: 0.00000001 BTC, that is, a hundredth of a millionth BTC. In the future, however, the protocol may be updated to allow further subdivisions, should they be needed.

In general, for each website you visit, at a pay per click site, or the amount of time you wait between claiming your free Bitcoins, at a faucet site), which is between 5 minutes to 60 minutes, you can get around 100 to 800 Satoshis. Now, if you do the math then you will see it will actually take you years before have 1 complete Bitcoin. This should however not stop you from getting your hand on this valuable commodity as there are ways to increase your Bitcoins in terms of interest in savings account or investments (which a lot of time turns out to be a scam so be warned).

Even if you only have a small amount of Satoshis you can still use that to do purchases at many online stores, including Shopify, Steam and a whole range of online and offline companies. Visit for a more comprehensive list.)

Now, this could be seen as a complete waste of time, as you could be using this time to do something else constructive, or it could be seen as an investment (over a long time), or a means to do immediate purchases. If done right, it could work out if you get into a pattern of claiming free Bitcoins, which does not interfere too much with daily life. If done wrong, then it will be a waste of time and you can better spend it elsewhere.

To date, after two months of finding the best sites to get free Bitcoins, I have made about half a Bitcoin cent, that is 0,005 BTC. That alone will show you how long it will take to actually get one whole Bitcoin. I will probably not continue with this pursuit of the Coin much longer, or rather cut down on my daily claiming as it does take up a lot of my time, which I could be using elsewhere to make more money, or to learn something new and increase my skills, or spend that time writing or making music, the things I enjoy doing.

At the end of the post is a list of the better, if not best, Bitcoin Faucets and PPC (Pay Per Click) sites where you can claim free Bitcoins. I have used all of them and they have paid out without any issues. Each link has an ID pointing to my account and if you sign up then you become an affiliate of mine, which gives me bonuses each time you claim, so you help me out in that way.

Check it out, even if just to satisfy your curiosity.

Digital, or virtual, currency is definitely the future of the global economy. Sooner or later we will be using, if not Bitcoin, but an equivalent. Galactic Credits has a nice ring to it.


p.s. You will need a Bitcoin Wallet to store your newly acquired Bitcoins. Here are three popular online wallets:

Free Bitcoin faucets and PPC sites:

The last four sites in the list above work together in a network, adding your claims to a combined pool, resulting in much higher withdraws.


Life, Time, and The Future


Sunday, 01 January 2017.

It’s been a while.

Since my last blog entry, I went back to Japan again, during late November and early December, and spent a most wonderful 3 weeks in Tokyo and Beppu. Throughout the time leading up to that trip, I had been constantly busy, either with work or with travelling around the Western Cape province of South Africa, but mostly I was busy with work, all the while being on an adventure with my girl.

Earlier in the year, I left my job of 13 years and embarked on a 3-month journey through Japan, a country which I always wanted to visit but never thought I really would be able to. I had co-founded the company but felt it was time for me to move on and to explore the many other parts of life that was out there. I was fortunate enough to have enough money saved for the trip, and for the few months that followed that but, eventually, I would have to start working again, the dread of any traveller.

Again, I am fortunate enough to be in a profession that allows me to work remotely, that of a programmer, and I have been freelancing ever since I left the company. Although being a freelancer is great, giving you freedom of movement and compensation at a higher rate, you end up having to do all the admin, always being on the lookout for the next job, and then, when all is done, to get your clients to actually pay you.

I was also very fortunate to meet a wonderful girl in Japan, due to many factors, which I would call destiny. But destiny holds many twists and turns and during our last trip to Japan, after she joined me in South Africa for 3 months, we decided that it would be better for her to remain in Japan while I returned to South Africa to secure more work and to devise our plans for the future. It was really hard for me to leave her behind but I did so with the hope and determination that we will be together again.

What I discovered during the last year was that most of the plans that we make do not work out exactly as we planned, or they often do not work out at all. It is then easy for us to get despondent and depressed and not to plan anything or care for anything anymore, but without hope, without plans for a good future, what is the point and our reason for living?

Therefore, I will not stop hoping, dreaming and planning ahead because plans do often work out and dreams do sometimes come true, and we never know if the next time will be that time when it happens if we do not try again this time.

May you continue, too, on your quest and do not grow weary when you get defeated but stand up, have faith in love, trust in God, and move on forward into the future, into the future with your head high and your dreams true.


There And Back Again


Saturday, 10 September 2016.

How do you go back to your normal way of life, your everyday and ordinary, after having had an adventure that is completely out of the ordinary, such as I had in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan?

I know that many people have had the experience of travelling to another country, especially to a far-off country, and lived there, for however a short while, in a place that is different to their own. Some have travelled to multiple countries, and this even before they reached their 20s. Perhaps my experience is a bit different to others’ because my opportunity to travel, to a distant country, only came when I was 34. (The only other country that I had previously been to, besides my own, was Mozambique, for a two-week holiday, which is the northeastern neighbour of South Africa.)

I can now actually relate to how Bilbo Baggins must have felt, in Tolkien’s book The Hobbit, and for that fact Frodo Baggins too, when he returned to the Shire after having been on a journey of extraordinary proportions. An adventure that defined their lives. Every part of the journey was unknown to them and both were changed in fundamental ways, although who they were, their beliefs and character, and what they were able to do, their skills, ways, and abilities, played a great part in the success of the journey.

Stepping out of what is thought of as your fate, the cards that you have been dealt in life, your daily routine, and in my case for a period of four months, can have a dramatic and life-changing  effect on someone. Many have said that to travel changes your perspective on things, it changes how you see the world because suddenly the massive scale of the world, and its many unique places and cultures, becomes real in your life and you feel that you really are part of the greater story of mankind. You get exposed to new ways of life, languages and customs, which are sometimes completely unfamiliar to you, even though you may have seen and heard them countless times before in movies or on the internet, experiencing something in the physical can in no way be replaced by the virtual. The same goes for the spiritual, and this pertains to our earthly  stay, the spiritual and physical go hand in hand, you cannot have the one without the other, while in our bodies we remain.

So, what now you ask?

My extraordinary journey has come to an end. Like Bilbo, I have been there and, now, I am back again.

Is it back to the ordinary for me?

Before I left for Japan, I had the increasing need to change something in my life, my work situation, and what I did each day, my routine so to say. It felt as if I was walking around in circles, instead of moving forward, towards to a certain point or goal. This was especially the case with how I felt about my job. I therefore, made sure that my previous routine, or the direction that I was moving in in my life, came to an end as my journey to Japan started. Although, the past never truly leaves us and certain things do not end that easily, for the roots of some things, old things, go deep and it takes a while before it can be fully removed.

The whole trip was liberating in many ways, having left my job of 13 years, at the company that I co-founded. I felt a great sense of freedom in letting go of it, which was at times a great joy and at other times a great burden. I also ended the contract at the apartment I was renting. Having packed and stored my meager collection of worldly possessions at my parents’ house, which I was thankful for, I was truly leaving everything behind. Apart for my family back home, and my friends too, I could have stayed in Japan without anything else holding me back, except for not having a residency visa of course.

My next mission is, or was, to get into a working mindset again, which I have now attained. Four months of not working can take its toll on you, both financially and also in finding the motivation to sit down in one spot for a few hours a day and to work on other people’s wants and needs, and  in many cases fixing their problems, and not just laze around or travel in search of new things and places  each day. This will be followed by getting a more permanent dwelling while securing contracts and making business connections, and then, once my work setup is functional and flowing, I can travel to any country and settle there for a while, whilst still continuing with my work, accompanied by my lovely girlfriend Mai. Apart from all of that, I still have new music to release, a book to publish and a novel to complete.

Life has many choices, there are many roads to take, which one we choose is up to us, best we get on the right one unless we find regret in the end. There are countless things to keep us busy on the way, and as you can see in my case there are many, now how can anyone ever be bored?

That is the plan. That is the dream. I now have a goal. I know I have the means. With God’s help, and if it is in His will for me, I can do all these things.

Time waits for no one. So best to get at it, right away!

– Starr